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With each camp you will get a survey of books, where possible, in which you can read more about that specific camp. There are also books regarding the Japanese occupation, the Bersiap period or the camps in general. These books are listed in the summary below, where you can also find websites that contain more information.


Japanese occupation

B. Archer, The internment of Western civilians under the Japanese 1941-1945. A patchwork of internment (London and New York 2004)

N. Beets, De verre oorlog. Lot en levensloop van krijgsgevangenen onder de Japanner (Meppel 1981)

K. Blackburn and K. Hack (eds.), Forgotten captives in Japanese occupied Asia (London and New York 2008)

I.J. Brugmans, H.J. de Graaf, A.H. Joustra en A.G. Vromans, Nederlandsch-Indië onder Japanse bezetting, gegevens en documenten over de jaren 1942-1945 (Franeker 1960-2)

E. Captain, Achter het kawat was Nederland. Indische oorlogservaringen en -herinneringen 1942-1995 (Kampen 2002) – with a summary in English

J. van Dulm, W.J. Krijgsveld, H.J. Legemaate, H.A.M. Liesker, G. Weijers, Geïllustreerde atlas van de Japanse kampen in Nederlands-Indië 1942-1945 (Purmerend 2001-2)

J. van Dulm, W.J. Krijgsveld, H.J. Legemaate, H.A.M. Liesker, G. Weijers, Geïllustreerde atlas van de Japanse kampen in Nederlands-Indië 1942-1945 supplement (Zierikzee 2002)

L. de Jong, Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in de Tweede Wereldoorlog deel 11b: Nederlands-Indië II (Leiden 1985)

L. de Jong, The collapse of a colonial society. The Dutch in Indonesia during the Second World War (Leiden 2002)

P. Post, W.H. Frederick, I. Heidebrink and S. Sato (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Indonesia in the Pacific War (Leiden 2010)

R. Raben (ed.), Representing the Japanese occupation of Indonesia. Personal testimonies and public images in Indonesia, Japan and the Netherlands (Zwolle and Amsterdam 1999)

D. van Velden, De Japanse interneringskampen voor burgers gedurende de Tweede Wereldoorlog (Franeker 1985-4) – with a summary in English

V. Waterford (W.F. Wanrooy), Prisoners of the Japanese in World War II. Statistical history, personal narratives and memorials concerning POWs in camps and on hellships, civilian internees, Asian slave laborers and others captured in the Pacific theater (Jefferson 1995)

E. van Witsen, Krijgsgevangenen in de Pacific-oorlog (1941-1945) (Franeker 1971)

J. Zwaan, Nederlands-Indië 1940-1946. II. Japans intermezzo 9 maart 1942-15 augustus 1945 (Den Haag 1981)

Bersiap period

B.R.O’G. Anderson, Java in a time of revolution. Occupation and resistance 1944-1946 (Ithaca 1972)

H. Beekhuis, H.Th. Bussemaker, P.M. de Haas en A.A. Lutter, Geïllustreerde atlas van de Bersiapkampen in Nederlands-Indië 1945-1947 (Groningen 2009)

J. Bosdriesz and G. Soeteman, Ons Indië voor de Indonesiërs. De oorlog – de chaos – de vrijheid (’s-Gravenhage and Franeker 1985)

H.Th. Bussemaker, Bersiap! Opstand in het paradijs. De Bersiap-periode op Java en Sumatra 1945-1946 (Zutphen 2005)

R. Cribb, Gangsters and revolutionaries. The Jakarta peoples militia and the Indonesian revolution 1945-1949 (North Sydney 1991)

M.C. van Delden, Bersiap in Bandoeng. Een onderzoek naar geweld in de periode van 17 augustus 1945 tot 24 maart 1946 (Kockengen 1989)

M.C. van Delden, De republikeinse kampen in Nederlands-Indië, oktober 1945-mei 1947. Orde in de chaos? (Kockengen 2007) – with a summary in English

W.H. Frederick, Visions and heat. The making of the Indonesian revolution (Athens 1989)

C. Giebel, Morotai. De bevrijding van de Grote Oost en Borneo (april 1944-april 1946) (Franeker 1976)

R. McMillan, The British occupation of Indonesia 1945-1946. Britain, the Netherlands and the Indonesian revolution (London and New York 2005)

W. Meelhuijsen, Revolutie in Soerabaja. 17 augustus-1 december 1945 (Zutphen 2000)

C. Schouten, RAPWI. Geschiedkundig overzicht (ca. 1947)

J.R.W. Smail, Bandung in the early revolution 1945-1946. A study in the social history of the Indonesian revolution (Ithaca 1964)

E. Touwen-Bouwsma and P. Groen (eds.), Tussen Banzai en Bersiap. De afwikkeling van de Tweede Wereldoorlog in Nederlands-Indië (Den Haag 1996)

J. Zwaan, Nederlands-Indië 1940-1946. III. Geallieerd intermezzo 15 augustus 1945-30 november 1946 (Amsterdam and Dieren 1985)


War and the Dutch East Indies

Farewell to the Indies
A website of the Dutch National Archives with documents from Dutch and foreign archives about the Japanese occupation, the Bersiap period and the decolonization of the Dutch East Indies. (Dutch)
On the website you will find articles about the camps, life outside the camps, and the resistance during the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies under the theme 'Oorlog en bersiap'.

War memorials in the Netherlands (Dutch)
On the website of the 'Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei' you will find a summary of all war memorials in the Netherlands, including the monuments erected to commemorate the war casualties in the Dutch East Indies. You can also watch and listen to a number of witness narratives.

War Graves Foundation
On the website of the War Graves Foundation (Oorlogsgravenstichting - OGS) you will find, among other things, the register of Dutch war casualties, a photo album with photographs of Dutch military cemeteries worldwide - including in Indonesia, Thailand and Burma – and information brochures about the military cemeteries. The brochure about military cemeteries in Indonesia is also available in English.

Heritage Collection Cogis (Dutch)
On the Cogis website you can search the library documentation of the expert centre on the (psycho)social effects of war, persecution, aggression and violence. The documents concern the aftermath of World War II in Europe and the East Indies and the psychosocial aid to war victims in the Netherlands. You can search the articles and ego documents by author, location and theme.

Camps in the Dutch East Indies

Japanese civilian camps (Dutch)
Website of Henk Beekhuis about the civilian internment camps in the Netherlands East-Indies at the time of the Japanese occupation.

Japanese POW camps (Dutch)
Website of Henk Beekhuis about the POW camps in the Dutch East Indies, Burma, Thailand, Indo-China, China and Japan during World War II.

Bersiap camps (Dutch)
Website of Henk Beekhuis about the camps on Java and Madura during the Indonesian revolution.

Lists of names of POWs who died (Dutch)
Teun Heijstek's website in remembrance of the prisoners of war who died in South-East Asia during World War II contains lists of names of prisoners of war who died, arranged by location and ship.

P.O.W. Research Network Japan
The POW Research Network Japan consists of Japanese researchers who gather data about allied prisoners of war in and outside Japan during World War II.

Captured by Japan (Dutch)
On this website Dutch (senior general secondary) HAVO and (pre-university) VWO pupils can learn interactively about the Japanese occupation and the camps in the Dutch East-Indies during World War II. The website was built by the Museon museum, the Visiting lecturers WWII South-East Asia Foundation (Stichting Gastdocenten WOII Zuidoost-Azië) and the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD).

Camp drawings
On the Geheugen van Nederland (the Memory of the Netherlands) website you can find camp drawings from the collections of the Museon museum and the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation (NIOD). These were made by internees and give an impression of daily life in the Japanese camps.

Dutch East Indies, general

The Indies in maps: Royal Tropical Institute
The Royal Tropical Institute (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen - KIT) has digitized its extraordinary collection of historical maps. On the KIT website you can search for maps and nautical charts and city plans from the Dutch East Indies using place-names.

The East Indies in photographs and drawings: World War II Image Bank
In the World War II Image bank (Beeldbank Tweede Wereldoorlog) all the World War II images of the Dutch war and resistance museums, remembrance centres and the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation were brought together. You can search through the Image bank and order images on the website.

The East Indies in photographs and drawings: Image Bank Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies
In the Image bank of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde - KITLV) in Leiden you can see all the photographs, prints and drawings in the possession of the KITLV. On the website you can search in the collection and order images.