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Airfield Labour Camp in Liang

Town: Liang
District: Ambon
Region: Moluccas
Location: Liang is on the north coast of Ambon Island.
From 03 May 1943 to 15 August 1944 this location served as a prisoner of war camp >>
Internees: prisoners of war
Number of internees: 1.780
Number of deceased: 163 (at least)
Information: Prisoners of war were put to work on Ambon expanding the Liang airfield, which had been begun under Dutch authority at the end of 1941. Initially the workforce consisted of 1,024 British prisoners of war from Batavia, brought to Ambon on the Mayahashi Maru and the Nishii Maru. They were housed in barracks they built themselves from bamboo and atap, surrounded by barbed wire. On 29 May and 2 August 1944 the airfield came under heavy Allied bombardment.
Commendant: lt. Ueda Tadao
Main guards: Yamamoto Toshio
Guards: Koreans
Camp leaders: maj. L.N. Gibson
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